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Surprisingly comfy, one tv with really scary footage, all in gray on a small room with a bed, tree, moon, and nothing else.

a really lovely game. it's surreal but in a comforting way i've never felt before. thank you for this.

Very interesting game. Keep up the great work.

I found this game really weird but interesting, my wife was grossed out and couldn't even watch like 2 minutes into the video lol. I read some of the other comments and everything is pretty self explanitory and I feel like you had a well designed game here! looking forward to more! 

What I liked about this game was it's weird and horror like vibe that it gave off during the game play. The main thing about this game that I found disturbing was the T.V running in the background replaying a video of a man cutting a woman's eye. Aside from that, the most frustrating part about the game play is that there is no instructions, and the player must figure it out by himself with the objects and hints they have in the room. If I were to change one thing, it would be to add some sort of instructions or guide so the player knows what to do, in the end it was a bit confusing.

Very, very weird, just like that movie. Good job!

Made me Wince.. But it's brilliant :D

Really weird game but that is part of the charm i think! Very unique and interesting! 

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like it


Very cool point of inspiration. Love the way you handled it, hitting on only the most notable elements to help the player follow the story. Nice touch actually showing scenes from it for anyone who isn't familiar with the source material. Great job!

This was one of those games I just put off for no reason. I regret that decision. It was so beautifully weird and I loved it :D

Hey, had a bit of fun with this little game! I'll admit, it really creeped me out but the interest of exactly what is going on, kept me hooked!

why was my favorite part of this game smoking?

Have you ever wondered how to be creepy? Plant hands!

Played this on my channel and it´s been a pleasure! 

I heard rumors of this game...Well! Started cringy asf, but was really a good puzzle horror-ish style game!

"EYE"was expecting more from this game,but then again,i'm just a "PUPIL"

a very strange but great game 

I see a lot of people calling your game a horror game. When as you described it's more of a dream. I believe that with it's abstract nature and, somber setting people get confused on the message this portrays.

brilliant :D

Interesting and definitely the weirdest game ever, only time Ive ever smoked.

A really cool but weird game. It has a supercool artstyle and looks really good. I didn't realize until after the game how much I missed in it so I will definitely be revisiting it  :D

Very Nice Game! :D

One of the weirdest game i've played in my life but i really liked it :)

Super game. Give it a go. A very weird type of game... :)

You stole your thumbnail from MattShea... not cool man.


I didn't "Steal" anything from anyone. I found it on Google images and liked it. I have changed it tho if this was made by someone else.


Google Images isn't a collection of free images for you to use however you like, it's website that indexes image links from the web. It's your responsibility to find the source of the image and confirm if it belongs to someone, tip: 99% of the time it does. Make your own thumbnails. Channels get shut down daily due to copyright claims on thumbnail artwork, don't be one of those channels.

This was super strange lol. But interesting. Was very unique. Check out my let's play!

What a unique and interesting experience! This game was fun to play and had a surprisingly fun ending. Check it out!

Well this was... "different" but still a really nice game lol.

I thought this game was super interesting! I liked the puzzles and trying to interact with everything! 

A very unique experience. Nicely done.

I have never seen anything on this game until I started playing! This was very interesting experience. I don't know if I enjoyed it, I mean, I did, but the eye getting spliced open was gross haha XD Great game, I loved the black and white aspect of it as well! :D Here is my play through for anyone interested in checking it out:

Here was my play through, for anyone who would like to watch it. Cheers!

Those surrealists were a strange bunch...

Loved it. Thank you, very nice one.

good game ;)