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This was super strange lol. But interesting. Was very unique. Check out my let's play!

What a unique and interesting experience! This game was fun to play and had a surprisingly fun ending. Check it out!

Well this was... "different" but still a really nice game lol.

I thought this game was super interesting! I liked the puzzles and trying to interact with everything! 

A very unique experience. Nicely done.

I have never seen anything on this game until I started playing! This was very interesting experience. I don't know if I enjoyed it, I mean, I did, but the eye getting spliced open was gross haha XD Great game, I loved the black and white aspect of it as well! :D Here is my play through for anyone interested in checking it out:

Here was my play through, for anyone who would like to watch it. Cheers!

Those surrealists were a strange bunch...

Loved it. Thank you, very nice one.

good game ;)